Your MPA Faculty

Price School faculty members are distinguished scholars who share a deep and abiding commitment to research and teaching. Their diverse disciplinary backgrounds and areas of research interest are far-reaching, giving you a comprehensive view of the public management field.

Beyond theoretical and applied research, many faculty members serve on the boards of major public and nonprofit organizations. In all their work, they contribute to both the store of knowledge in their respective disciplines and to the formation of the next generation of civic and community leaders.

Our Faculty at a Glance:

  • Six full-time faculty members
  • One elected Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration
  • Ranked third at USC in terms of per capita research grants
  • 100% hold terminal degrees in their field

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Dora Kingsley Vertenten

Dora Kingsley Vertenten began her work with USC in 1996. She has been elected a lifetime Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration and is the founder and CEO of Trenton West, a research consulting firm that has advised governors, attorneys general, other statewide constitutional office holders and more.

Courses taught:

Public Administration and Society

Fundamentals of Policy Analysis

The Professional Practice of Public Administration

Intersectoral Leadership

International Laboratory: Dublin, Ireland

Capstone Course


Public policy

Intergovernmental management

Nonprofit management

Strategic planning

Social media

Information technologies

Meet the MPA Faculty

At the University of Southern California, we believe that a high-quality faculty is the foundation of a strong education. Learn more about our distinguished faculty members now.

Tara Blanc

Associate Professor

William Leach

Associate Professor

Juliet Ann Musso

Associate Professor

Mark Phillips

Assistant Professor

Kelly Rawlings

Associate Professor

Shui Yan Tang