The Importance of the Millennial Generation

To succeed as a public administrator, it is important that you are familiar with demographics in your area, taking such details into account as income levels, race, and religion. However, age is also important. Millennials are becoming increasingly influential in today’s society, and many of their attitudes and preferences mark a departure from those of past generations.

Workplace Attitudes

Image via Flickr by ITU Pictures

Writing for Fortune Magazine, one university leader said about Millennials, “They do not fit perfectly into the existing professional landscape… They are changing the workplace for the better… While millennials care about the bottom line of a company, they also care about their community and the environment. They have a ‘triple bottom line’ way of thinking.” This attitude of seeing beyond mere monetary issues may lead to new standard business practices.

A Focus on Transparency

One study cited by Time Magazine shows that Millennials value transparency in their leaders. This may be because many Millennials grew up hearing about everything from their parents, including formerly hush-hush topics such as money.

Just how important is open communication to Millennials? One study by 15Five found that roughly 81 percent of Millennials would choose a workplace with open communication channels over one that offered valuable perks, such as free food and gym memberships. However, the same study found that only 15 percent of employees believe their employers do well at encouraging honesty in the workplace.

It is reasonable to think that the Millennial generation’s insistence on open communication could do more than simply impact the way companies conduct themselves. If more Millennials choose to vote in upcoming elections, this may change the way politicians present themselves. For that to happen, however, more Millennials would need to submit ballots. According to a US News report from February 2016, “Millennials have chosen not to translate their growing economic and demographic clout into political power at the ballot box.”

The Desire for Flexibility

Millennials are breaking with tradition in that many wish for more flexibility in their jobs. One survey, reported on by the LA Times, found that most Millennials would be willing to turn down a promotion or leave a job altogether in favor of a position that offered flexibility options, such as changeable work hours and long working vacations.

Another way in which Millennials demand flexibility is when it comes to learning. An article from Inc. stated that because Millennials grew up with so much technology at their disposal, this may lead to more personalized learning within classrooms. Indeed, Millennials could have a powerful influence over educational systems across the globe.

According to Pew Research, Millennials — more than 75 million strong — are now the largest living generation in the United States. Millennials may change the world for the better. However, they will need the proper education to do so. By earning useful degrees, such as a master’s in public administration from USC, they empower themselves to be the driving force for a better, more flexible, and more transparent world.