6 Reasons That Public Administration Might be Right for You

Public Administration is a fast-growing career, but it’s not one that is well suited for everyone. Because this field combines business acumen, communication, and leadership skills, it takes a very specific type of person to really excel in the field over the long haul. Here are six reasons that public administration might be right for you.

You Are Highly Ethical

This career field requires a strong degree of ethics. Many jobs in public administration involve working with governments and large companies to create policies that increase efficiency and provide for the greater welfare of their communities. People in these positions need to be trustworthy and able to navigate murky ethical waters.

You Are Passionate About Helping Others

Many people working in public administration are employed by non-profit agencies or government agencies like the FEMA or the EPA. To really succeed in these types of jobs, employees have to have a genuine desire to help others and create plans that will help as many people as possible. Those who are passionate about making a difference do well in this career field.

You Are a Good Listener

In any administration job, you’ll be required to listen to all sides of an issue, analyze it, and create plans to streamline processes. In order to do this, an administrator has to be able to listen to each viewpoint objectively. People who are naturally good at listening attentively make great public administrators.

You Are a Natural Leader

The very best administrators are natural leaders. They instinctively take charge and make others want to follow them. Many public administrators work in leadership roles in the foreign service. These people work in embassies and consulates across the world as representatives of the United States. They set a good example to others and help carry out diplomatic policies in other countries.

You Have a Plan

One important skill every administrator should have is the ability to work in a methodical manner. Having a plan and then seeing it through significantly increases the odds of success in any venture. In public administration, it’s even more crucial. In almost every instance, an administrator will have to be sure to follow all of the required steps before being able to enact any sort of policy or procedural changes.

You Want to Make a Difference

At their core, public administrators look at how things are done and find ways to change them for the better. The very best administrators are those who want to make a difference. They may work on a large scale by working with programs that help newly formed governments or on a smaller scale by working with their local government to create better and more effective local policies.

Public administrators take a leadership role to look for and judge information about how things work and how they can be more effective and fair. They are determined, methodical, and careful when making changes in the world for the better. Even though they may not get any special recognition for their efforts, they are happy to work in the background, leading the way to a better tomorrow.