4 Exciting Job Opportunities for Public Administration Majors

There aren’t many courses of study that offer as many diverse career paths as a degree in Public Administration. students pursuing an MPA are sure to find a variety of job options after graduation.

In fact, according the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, this field is expected to continue to grow over the next five years. Although many government agencies have started hiring outside companies to handle their public administration needs, the large majority of these positions are not being shipped to foreign countries, so there are more jobs in the field for new graduates and those just entering this career.

Freelance as a Public Administration Consultant

Many public administration support jobs are being outsourced, opening up opportunities for freelance consultants. In the past, federal or state government employees held many of these jobs, but now they are being filled by companies that specialize in various public administration fields. Consultants are usually brought on to analyze the results and the processes used by an organization. After careful evaluation, they suggest and make changes that help the organization become more efficient and productive. Although many public administration consultants hold MPA degrees, there are many opportunities for those with a bachelor’s degree.

Work in Foreign Service

One of the leading employers for those working in public administration is the federal government. Foreign Service Administrators work around the world at embassies and consulates to further the nation’s interests and promote democracy. Also, there are opportunities in both Iraq, at the Iraqi Transitional Office, and in Afghanistan, with a Provincial Reconstruction team. These groups focus on supporting the newly established governments and helping help with recovery efforts. Working as a Foreign Service Administrator typically requires an MPA and a focus on politics, government, or foreign language.

Lobby for Change

Many of the best-known non-profit agencies and large corporations hire lobbyists with degrees in public administration. Due to their expert knowledge and understanding of the processes involved, these employees have an insight into which changes will have the greatest impact. The highest paid and most desirable employees are those with master’s degrees and government or political experience.

Work for the United Nations

Next to the federal government, the United Nation is one of the largest employers of public administrators. In fact, they even have a United Nations Public Administration Network, which helps promote the sharing of knowledge and best practice policies throughout the world. Public administrators who work for the United Nations analyze and create policies that help countries work together to build stronger governments and adopt changes that result in fair and efficient nation building. Most of these employees have a bachelor’s degree.

A career in Public Administration can open doors to a variety of career types. Whether you want to change the world or just change things in your neighborhood, there are many different jobs available. A degree in Public Administration is the best choice for natural born leaders who are interested in working in a fast-paced environment.