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Protestors demonstrate during the National Walkout for Gun Control.

School Shootings and the Future of Gun Control

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Gun violence has claimed hundreds of lives in the past two years, including the devastating events in Orlando, Florida, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Mass shootings have raised a serious question for politicians and U.S. citizens: How can the frequency of such events be reduced?
Public administration master's degree students work together to understand the impact of fake news.

The Impact of Fake News

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Fake news, both as fabricated media and as a misused term, can have a damaging effect on the free press and prove a barrier between public administrators and those they serve.
An fire safety technician analyzes a fire hose.
An infographic about awarding careers in the nonprofit sector by USC Sol Price School of Public Policy.
An infographic about nonprofit leadership by USC Sol Price School of Public Policy.

Spring 2016 Live Alumni Panel Discussion

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The University of Southern California is one of today’s most prestigious and innovative private universities in the world. Each year our graduates go on to do exceptional things with their lives, from furthering their education, to becoming leaders in their fields of practice.

Technology in Public Policy

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Those graduating with an MPA degree are entering a whole new world of data driven politics and public policy. See what we mean in our latest infographic: