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5 Ways Public Policy Has Shaped the Justice System

An important course of study throughout the master’s of public administration online curriculum is public policy and its interaction with the justice system. In the infographic below, see five ways in which public policy has actually shaped the justice system: Add This Infographic to Your Site University of Southern California Online

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The Role of Social Media in Accelerating A Revolution

Protests and uprisings across the world offer insight into the changing relationship between leaders and the public worldwide. There is no better tool than social media for experiencing and understanding these events.

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NSA Timeline

As you work toward your Public Administration degree, you will study the importance of a multitude of organizations, including the ever-controversial National Security Agency (NSA). When President Harry Truman established this government organization, he had in mind an agency that would collect and decode information from around the world. In the infographic below, learn more [...]

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Transforming Communication

If you’re working toward or considering your online MPA, then you likely understand the power of the internet to bring people closer to not only their goals and dreams. but also to friends, acquaintances and even strangers. In fact, social media and other online communication mediums have given the public a unique voice; the ability [...]

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Technology in Public Policy

Those graduating with an MPA degree are entering a whole new world of data driven politics and public policy. See what we mean in our latest infographic: For more information about the USC Master of Public Admistration Online, visit the website: Add this infographic to your site University of Southern California Online

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